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What's next for Apprenticeship Qualification Achievement Rates (QAR)?

There's little doubt in my mind that Qualification Achievement Rates (QARs) will plummet as the impact of Coronavirus is felt across the country. What's important now, are the steps we take to minimise that fall.

  1. Apprentices need support from their employers and training providers - whether that's pastoral care and mentoring, or guidance and clear instructions on next steps.

  2. Employers need support too - better systems that help them manage their apprentice estate because let's face it, they are supposed to be in the driving seat! The financial measures put in place by the Government to support businesses will no doubt help many stay alive, but unfortunately as we are already seeing, the measures are not always enough.

  3. Providers are working hard to put in place systems and processes so that they can continue to support and train apprentices and communicate with employers over the weeks and months ahead. But there's uncertainty around funding and the rules of engagement have changed.

The present and the immediate future are filled with uncertainty and we don't yet know what the impact on QARs will be, but we do know it won't be positive!

There is a crucial period of 12 weeks, once an apprentice has been made redundant, within which a new employer must be found, or the apprentice can be removed from their apprenticeship. We need to work together to ensure anyone who is made redundant has every opportunity to be placed with another employer, even if it's just on a temporary basis.

Rubitek Core supports apprentice sharing to maximise every opportunity the apprentice has to collect the evidence they need for their apprenticeship. It might not be the solution for everyone, but it could be the answer for some.

An apple imac and mobile phone showing the Rubitek apprentice managemenbt platform
Rubitek devices

I would encourage everyone to think creatively about how we can work together to support apprentices, employers and training providers so that we can keep as many apprenticeships alive as possible and minimise the fall in qualification achievement rates.

Infographic explaining the QARs for 2018 2019
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