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Your complete learner journey is supported by our platform.

Our learning world creates structure for intuitive workflows which are designed to support learner completion, maximise funding compliance and enhance your view of performance in both learner and commercial success.

Your eco system of users which includes learners, training providers and employers are bonded through a deep understanding of learner progress.  Your people know how to make timely interventions to drive attainment, protect funding and maximise value in the workplace.


With our guidance and proven processes, your migration is seamless. With intuitive workflows you can provide outstanding support for your learners.

Rubitek branded platform on mobile tablet and laptop


Our learning management platform takes the hassle out of managing your training programs.


With automated administrative tasks and detailed real-time reporting, you'll save time and money while ensuring more robust and efficient workflows.

With the burden of administrative work lifted, you'll have more time to focus on your learners and provide them with the best possible experience.

Simplify your ESFA funding

Your ESFA funding claims will be robust, protecting you from disparities in predicted funding and clawbacks.

With our detailed and accurate financial modelling expertise, you maintain clarity of an accurate financial position.

We support the full range of funded contracts and maintain your Individualised Learner Records (ILR) data ready to make a funding claim. By maintaining full alignment with changes in ESFA requirements, and with fully automated formatting, you will have an accurate XML file ready to upload at the touch of a button.

Rigorous assessment of Prior Learning

Through a detailed Initial Assessment of each learner, you create a solid basis for the viability of funding. This drives accuracy in your funding claims and guides on tailored training that matches to each learners specific needs.


We help you assess prior learner across the knowledge, skills and behaviours of an apprenticeship or other training program.

Reporting and insight

Through comprehensive reporting and insights, you gain the deep understanding of your programs, learner success and commercial position


You can tailor and flex the platform’s insights to gain the clear visibility of performance you need. Through our partnership we help you use these insights to create strategies that respond to learner need and which enhance your commercial success.


With market leading predictive assessment of learners performance, you are empowered to take timely action to help them complete their programs and maintain your funding.

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