More than a software platform


We know that engaging all stakeholders at the outset is key to success and this shouldn't come at a price!  So we've removed the barrier to multiple stakeholder engagement.

Rubitek connects every apprentice to their training provider and their employer.  Training coaches and tutors can work in partnership with managers and supervisors to provide the very best support and learning experience.  All this for the cost of a single learner license.

Rubitek simplifies apprenticeships and reduces the cost of delivery.

What's our how?

The team behind Rubitek has more than 20 years experience of designing and delivering best practice learning journeys.  We know that every learner is unique - one size doesn't fit all - and we also know what good looks like.  That's why we've built a platform that's flexible, engaging and founded in excellence.

Rubitek's CEO helped to build the UK's most successful shared apprenticeship scheme achieving industry busting success rates and it features as a best practice case study in the Government's Commission on Apprenticeships.

Rubitek is a name you can trust.

What's our who?

Improve global apprenticeship outcomes to reduce economic inequality, improve social mobility, and deliver an increased return on investment for employers and training providers.

Our Mission

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Increase retention, completion and progression outcomes from apprenticeships and other work-based learning.  We will achieve this by better engaging stakeholders, identifying barriers to learning and informing interventions to prevent disengagement.

Our Vision

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Respect for all people

United by purpose

Always bold

Integrity built in

Teamwork wins

Excellence and nothing less

Keep it simple

Our Values

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Our achievements
The best solutions are often simple, yet unexpected.
Julian Casablancas

What's our why?

Across the globe millions of people every year start an apprenticeship.
In the UK, only 65% of all starts result in a completion, which means out of every group of 20 apprentices, 7 won't complete.  In other countries, the non-completion rate is as high as 50%.

We intend to change this.