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Rubitek transforms the apprenticeship journey.

Rubitek is excited to launch its flagship apprenticeship management platform. The software is an end-to-end solution for apprenticeship training providers that actively engages apprentices and their employers to improve retention, completion and progression outcomes.

It's no secret that apprentices who are supported by training providers and employers who work together are more likely to achieve qualification.

Rubitek apprenticeship management software platform available across all devices.

Rubitek puts the learner at the heart of learning success. Training providers can give multiple employer supervisors their own unique login to the platform so that they can provide real-time support to apprentices.

The software which is the brainchild of Rubitek's founder and CEO Kerry Linley was developed to address the lack of 'apprentice and employer friendly' systems.

Training providers using Rubitek have seen a significant increase in employer engagement, a reduction in administration costs, and have been able to grow their apprenticeships by up to 90%.

Rubitek supports providers of all sizes. It’s clean, effective interface is easy to navigate and ensures smooth programme management, tracking apprentice progress, presenting real-time data and reducing the administrative burden for everyone involved. The software allows training providers to tailor delivery and support to suit the individual needs and circumstances of every learner and their employer.

Apprentices and their employers have access to a suite of features that give structure and clarity to learning whilst working. The apprentice app includes a learning journal which captures experience in real time and an evidence module that tracks attainment of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to inform end point assessment decisions.

Rubitek's unique licensing model ensures anyone involved in supporting an apprentice - from multiple tutors, to different employer departments, supervisors and mentors - are connected to the individual learner at no extra cost, removing many of the traditional barriers to full stakeholder engagement. Now everyone can work collaboratively to provide more informed and timely support to apprentices, proven to reduce disengagement and increase achievement rates.


Rubitek supports the government's pledge to put employers in the driving seat.

The software features an e-portfolio, MIS system and learning management suite all in one. Apprenticeship providers can generate fully compliant batch files for ESFA funding claims in seconds, and find and fix issues quickly, minimising compliance errors and subsequent funding clawback.

Rubitek is already saving providers and employers time and money so that they can focus on what's important. If you'd like to find out more, get in touch today on 0330 133 0540 or email

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