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Nurturing Apprenticeship Success: Insights from MATS Group Annual Conference 2023

At the recent Mast and Towers Safety (MATS) Group Annual Conference held at the Coventry Building Society Arena, our CEO and Founder, Kerry Linley, took the stage to address a critical issue facing the ageing industry - apprenticeship justice.

Hosted by MATS Group and headline sponsor Mitie, this conference gathered experts and stakeholders to explore the challenges of attracting, recruiting, and retaining young talent within this crucial sector.

Kerry's presentation centred around the alarming rate of non-completions, a factor that currently costs the UK economy between £3 billion and £5 billion annually. She also shared valuable insights into what employers and training providers can do to increase the likelihood of apprentices completing and achieving their goals.

Kerry was joined by two distinguished speakers, David Ravensdale of 8point8 Training and Alistair Westbury of MLL Telecom. Together, they offered a roadmap for employers in the field, outlining strategies to create supportive and inclusive environments that foster apprentices' growth and encourage them to successfully complete their apprenticeships.

This event was a testament to the industry's commitment to addressing the challenges it faces and actively working towards solutions that benefit both young talent and the sector as a whole.

For more details about the MATS Group Annual Conference 2023, you can visit their official website here: MATS Group.

Stay tuned for further insights and updates on apprenticeship justice and industry development as we continue to work towards a brighter future for the next generation of professionals across all fields.

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