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Financial Certainty for your Learning World

Our forensic analysis of your ILR submissions and funding reports provide you with an accurate understanding of your financial position, and bring certainty to your forecasting.

Our focus is always your success. We bring a deep understanding of ESFA funding to protect and enhance your financial stability. And by keeping a finger on the pulse of funding rule changes, we advise to help you model cashflow expectations, and predict funding.

With our detailed and accurate financial modelling expertise, you maintain clarity of an accurate financial position. This ensures you know when and where to invest. It drives huge confidence into your strategic planning and operational delivery.

Our expertise supports and strengthens your leadership and contributes to shaping your strategic direction.

Our services include:

  • Funding and compliance support

  • Financial modelling and analysis

  • Cross funding-year reconciliations

  • ILR submission

  • Income confirmation

  • Forecasting

  • Data management

  • Funding rule updates

Don't take our word for it:

"Rubitek audits, prepares, and submits our ILR, and then analyses our funding and reconciles our payments. This brings financial certainty to our learning world."

George Tomkins, Director

GNR Training

You can read more about how we supported GNR Training in our case study here.


Get in touch today

Ready to gain financial clarity and enhance your strategic planning? Let Rubitek be your trusted partner in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of ESFA funding. Contact us today to explore how our expertise can empower your success. Don't wait, get in touch today and take the first step towards financial certainty and strategic growth.

Tel: 0330 133 0540


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