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Navigating Apprenticeship Funding for Higher Education Institutions

Degree apprenticeships are a growing area of provision with many Higher Education (HE) Institutions across the UK now offering these courses. The programs have brought new revenue streams for HE Institutions (HEI) willing to diversify their offer, but Universities and other HEI delivering apprenticeship training face several challenges unique to this form of education and training.

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In this blog series, we will explore the top 10 issues, and look at the opportunity for Universities to deliver outstanding apprenticeship programs that support the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

Recognising the opportunity

Degree apprenticeships have emerged as a prominent and innovative form of education and training, offering a unique blend of academic learning and workplace experience. Many HEIs in the UK have embraced the opportunity, diversifying their offerings and strengthening their connections with employers and local communities.

In this first post in the series, we want to focus on one of the most critical aspects – navigating the complexities of apprenticeship funding.

Apprenticeship funding - a financial balancing act

One of the primary challenges faced by HEIs in delivering apprenticeship programs is managing the financial intricacies involved in securing funding and ensuring smooth cash flow. Unlike traditional degree courses, apprenticeships operate under a unique funding model, with contributions from both the government and employers. Navigating this complex landscape requires a strategic approach to budgeting and financial planning to ensure the sustainability of apprenticeship offerings.

Legacy Systems

Traditional HEI financial systems, particularly those for whom apprenticeships are a new type of education program, are not always tailored to support the specific requirements of apprenticeship funding. Managing the monthly reporting requirements and adhering to the funding rules can be an administrative burden for HEIs, leading to potential delays and errors in payments. Streamlining financial systems and integrating them with apprenticeship-specific tools can significantly alleviate these challenges, enhancing financial accuracy and efficiency.

Impact and uncertainty caused by non-completion rates

In the UK, apprenticeship completion rates have been a point of concern. The unpredictability of non-completions can create uncertainty of income over the lifetime of an apprenticeship. Addressing this issue requires a comprehensive approach that focuses on identifying and supporting students who are at risk of disengagement. Early intervention and tailored support can significantly improve completion rates and ensure a more stable income for HEIs.

Partnering with Rubitek: A Transformative Solution

At Rubitek, we understand the unique challenges faced by HEIs in delivering apprenticeship programs. Our partnership approach provides comprehensive support to Universities and other apprenticeship training providers, helping them navigate the complexities of apprenticeship funding and achieve outstanding outcomes for all stakeholders. We help bring your ideas to life, ensuring innovation drives your commercial success.

Blended Expertise

With our extensive experience in both education technology and apprenticeship program delivery excellence, we blend our mutual knowledge and understanding, so that you forge ahead with leading learning provision. Together we bring a distinctive learning experience that draws learners and employers to you.

Predicting Disengagement and Improving Completion Rates

Flight Path is a gamechanger for all institutions seeking to enhance apprenticeship completion rates. By analysing learner data and behaviour patterns, Rubitek ® systems can accurately predict disengagement and identify learners at risk of non-completion. This early warning system allows HEIs to intervene proactively, offering targeted support and resources to keep learners on track towards successful completion.

Streamlined Financial Management

Rubitek's platform incorporates streamlined financial management features, tailored to support the specific funding and reporting requirements of apprenticeship programs. By automating key financial processes and providing real-time insights into funding allocations, our platform helps HEIs manage cash flow efficiently and reduce non-compliance.


Navigating the challenges of apprenticeship funding is a crucial aspect of delivering outstanding apprenticeship programs. HEIs must adopt a strategic and innovative approach to ensure financial sustainability, improve completion rates, and provide exceptional learning experiences for their students. By partnering with Rubitek and leveraging our expertise and transformative tools, universities can overcome these challenges and create a thriving environment for apprenticeship education, benefitting learners, employers, and the wider community.

In the upcoming posts of this series, we will continue to explore the remaining challenges and delve into effective strategies to address them. Stay tuned for more insights and solutions to empower your university's apprenticeship journey.


To learn more about the fascinating world of apprenticeships and explore how Rubitek can support your apprenticeship programs, and provide you with the financial visibility you need get in touch with us today.

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