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How to ensure your apprenticeship delivery provides value for money

Before an apprenticeship begins, the main training provider must assess and recognise each apprentice candidate’s prior learning. This assessment informs how much of the apprenticeship training content the individual will require, how long the training will take to deliver, and what price is negotiated between the provider and the employer for the training. Without it, a provider would find it difficult to demonstrate that their apprenticeship delivery is providing value for money.

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How to ensure your apprenticeship delivery provides value for money

A recent report undertaken by the Learning and Work Institute (L&W) that was commissioned by the Department for Education (DfE), found that most apprentices had undergone some form of assessment of their prior learning - but the report substantial variation in both the quality and scope of the approaches. As a training provider, it is vital that your initial assessment process is both robust and transparent.

Examples of good practice in the assessment of prior learning includes the use of comprehensive assessment tools, delivery of high-quality assessor training and strong working partnership between employers and training providers.

Rubitek’s Initial Assessment Calculator delivers a range of benefits:

  1. Recognise prior learning: the Initial Assessment Calculator features a baseline assessment tool, that maps prior learning against each of the knowledge, skills and behaviours of an apprenticeship standard so that you can adapt your delivery plan to reflect the individual needs of the apprentice.

  2. Calculate funding adjustments: the baseline assessment score takes into account any prior learning and changes to the delivery plan, adjusting the funding calculation automatically.

  3. Check viability and profitability: input all of your costs and the calculator will inform your commercial decisions including whether the apprenticeship represents value for money and any additional employer contributions that may be required.

Training Providers are expected to conduct initial assessment at their own expense and in some cases at a loss, particularly where an apprentice applicant is found to be ineligible or where it is not financially viable to deliver the training. This affects the extent to which prior learning is assessed consistently and robustly.

If you’re a training provider and would like to reduce the cost and remove the guesswork from initial assessment, find out more about Rubitek’s Initial Assessment Calculator. It will strengthen your approach to initial assessment and it’s FREE for all users of the Rubitek Apprentice Management platform.

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