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Generate your ILR return data in seconds!

Anyone who has been involved in delivering apprenticeships will be familiar with the time consuming process of creating compliant ILR returns every month in order to draw down funding from the ESFA.

ILR Submit Learner Data

We understand how mission critical it is for you to stay compliant at all times and that means getting your ILR return data right from the start!

Failure to do so could mean you are subject to an audit across your entire student population, you could suffer delayed funding, or even have some of your funds clawed back as a result.

Seamless and successful interaction with the ESFA is vital to your funding needs, and at Rubitek our solutions make this happen.

We've worked with providers who have previously spent double-digit person days every month, just creating their ILR. This is a huge drain on resources but given that a non-compliant data sample can lead to significant challenges for your business, whether you are an independent training provider, a college or a university, it's no surprise getting it right is so essential.

Your ILR data doesn't have to take up such a significant amount of time and energy to produce.

And what's more, our ILR experts, have the knowledge and experience to onboard you, your employers and your learners into the Rubitek platform, and audit your existing ILR data at the same time, so you can be secure in the knowledge that when you're onboard with Rubitek, your data is fully compliant, and your funding claims are what they should be.

Let Rubitek do the hard work so you don't have to.


Rubitek is the future of apprenticeship technology.

To find out more, contact us today:

Call 0330 133 0540

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