Complete apprenticeship software

For better retention, completion and progression outcomes

A complete apprenticeship solution - branded your way

Rubitek is a complete apprenticeship software solution.  It combines an e-portfolio, MIS, learning management and ESFA ILR return system all in one.
The platform is super easy to use and can be fully branded to your specification.  It features a real-time interface for training providers, apprentices and employers - and you can even engage your supporting providers to ensure all your apprentices get the experience you want them to have.

Rubitek simplifies apprenticeships and reduces the administrative burden associated with delivery so you can spend more time supporting apprentices and growing provision.

Gives apprenticeship providers a competitive edge.

Rubitek supports learning on the go and gives employers full visibility of apprentice progress to support end point assessment decisions, reducing the need for costly retakes.

Puts every employer firmly in the driving seat.


Rubitek is both engaging and easy to use.  It includes a suite of tools that simplify the collection of data to evidence vital knowledge, skills and behaviours in real time.

Designed by apprentices, for apprentices.

Apprentices are better engaged

Apprentices who are fully engaged are three times more likely to complete their apprenticeship.  That's why we've developed a mobile app to meet their needs.  Rubitek gives apprentices all the tools they need to manage their development, track their performance and access the help they need, when, where and how they need it.

A real-time interface for employers

An apprentice who has the full support of their employer is far more likely to achieve qualification than one who doesn't.  Rubitek features a 3-way partnering interface that seamlessly connects apprentices, managers and training providers to deliver a best practice learning experience.


Managers and supervisors can work collaboratively to support apprentices and monitor their progress in real time.  The platform tracks the 20% off the job training hours and will even let employers know when apprentice incentive payments are due, and whether an apprentice is eligible to receive additional funding. 


Supporting apprentices and employers has never been easier.

A feature-rich platform

Real time performance data

Track on and off the job hours

Review and score evidence


Keep track of important dates

In app messaging and attachments

Timely review management

Reflect, record and evidence learning

Reach out to contacts with ease

Link elearning to off the job hours

Create and assign tasks and reminders

Holiday and absence manager

Pricing that's simple

Technology should be an enabler, not a barrier, which is why Rubitek is available on a monthly basis, charged per learner, not per user.  There are no extra or hidden costs associated with connected accounts for tutors, assessors, mentors, managers or supervisors, removing the barriers to multiple stakeholder engagement and improving support for apprentices.

Common sense pricing that's clear and simple to understand.

Take the guess work out of funding claims with Rubitek's ILR software

Rubitek collects all the data needed and produces a compliant ILR file that's ready for upload to The Hub at the touch of a button.  A built in validation and error report identifies any issues so that you can find and fix these quickly and efficiently.

Technology is best when it brings people together.
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