Apprenticeship Management

Introducing Rubitek, the intelligent apprenticeship management platform with a real-time interface for training providers, apprentices and employers.


Rubitek is a complete apprenticeship management platform for training providers, employer providers, colleges and universities.

The platform simplifies apprenticeships and reduces the administrative burden associated with delivery so that you can spend more time supporting your apprentices and growing your provision.

Give yourself a competitive edge.


Rubitek's intuitive interface is engaging and easy to use.


It includes a suite of tools that simplify the collection of data to evidence vital skills, knowledge and behaviours in real time.


The dashboard displays learner progress in real time.

Designed by apprentices, for apprentices.


Rubitek revolutionises the way employers engage with apprenticeships.

Designed to support learning on the go, Rubitek gives employers full visibility of apprentice progress to support end point assessment decisions, reducing the need for costly retakes.

Puts employers in the driving seat.


Rubitek reduces admin so you can grow provision and give the best support to apprentices.


Rubitek connects apprentices to all the support they need to improve retention and completion rates.


Rubitek supports learning on the go, connects managers to apprentices and puts employers in the driving seat. 

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How it works

Apprentices who are fully engaged are three times more likely to complete their apprenticeship.

The Rubitek apprentice app has been designed by apprentices, for apprentices, to deliver a best in class apprenticeship journey.

Give learners the tools they need to manage their development.


Rubitek better connects apprentices to all the support they need to improve retention, completion and progression outcomes.

Training providers and employers work collaboratively to identify potential disengagement and more timely interventions.


Supporting apprentices has never been easier.

ILR Data

Rubitek produces ILR Data that's ready for upload to The Hub at the touch of a button.

A built in validation and error report identifies any issues so that you can find and fix these quickly and efficiently.


Take the guess work out of funding claims.

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Complete Solution

Rubitek is a complete apprenticeship management solution.

It combines an e-portfolio, management information, learning management and ILR system all in one.

Featuring an interface for providers, apprentices and employers for complete collaboration.

With its unique skills analysis functionality, Rubitek lets providers, employers and learners decide together, when end point assessment should take place.


The platform is easy to use, simple to navigate and supports a variety of work based learning including commercial training, apprenticeship standards, work experience, T-levels and more.

Simple Pricing

Rubitek is available on a monthly basis, charged per learner.  There are no extra or hidden costs associated with tutor, assessor, mentor, manager or supervisor accounts, removing the barriers to multiple stakeholder engagement.


Pricing that's clear and simple to understand.

A feature-rich platform

Real time performance data

Track on and off the job hours

Review and score evidence


Keep track of key dates

In app messaging and attachments

Timely review management

Reflect, record and evidence learning

Up to date contact information

Link elearning to off the job hours

Create and assign tasks and reminders

Holiday and absence manager

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Who we are

The team behind Rubitek have more than 20 years experience supporting apprentices and improving the learning journey.

Rubitek's founder was instrumental in the setup and delivery of the UK's most successful, award winning shared apprenticeship scheme achieving industry busting retention and completion rates.

That scheme features as a best practice case study in the government's commission on apprenticeships.


Around 7.5 million apprentices start an apprenticeship every year in more than 50 countries worldwide, but as few as 50% of these achieve qualification.

Employers, providers and apprentices all suffer significant financial losses as a result.

Rubitek's mission is to increase retention, completion and progression outcomes by better engaging stakeholders, identifying barriers to learning and informing interventions that prevent disengagement.

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"Rubitek has greatly reduced the administrative burden.


We've saved tens of thousands of pounds and grown our apprenticeships by 90% in the six months since implementation."


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