Built for providers of all shapes and sizes

An end-to-end apprenticeship platform

Apprenticeship providers

From independent training providers, colleges and universities, to employer providers, Rubitek is a complete, end-to-end apprenticeship platform that transforms delivery and reduces administration.

Its intuitive interface means training delivery and learner management has never been simpler.


Spend more time supporting learners and less time navigating multiple disparate systems.

Redesigning the learning journey

Rubitek's apprentice app features a comprehensive suite of tools that support and engage every learner from the outset.  From onboarding to achievement, give your learners the tools they need to succeed.

Supporting learners has never been easier.

Produce your funding claim in seconds

Rubitek produces a fully compliant ILR file that's ready for upload to The Hub at the touch of a button. A built in validation and error report identifies any issues so that you can find and fix these quickly and efficiently.  Take the guess work out of funding claims.

Fully engaged employers

Employers and their supply chains can work collaboratively to ensure every apprentice gets the experience they need as they work towards their qualification.  The platform supports multiple manager / supervisor engagement and provides complete visibility of learner progress and  attainment of knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Take the guess work out of end point assessment decisions.


Leadership & Management
Training Provider

"Rubitek has greatly reduced the administrative burden.  We've saved tens of thousands of pounds and grown our apprenticeships by 90% in just six months since implementation."

The best solutions are often simple,
yet unexpected.

Julian Casablancas