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Sophie Ferris joins the Rubitek team

Sophie joins the Rubitek sales team with a wealth of business-to-business territory management experience having worked with big brand names such as Shell and Waitrose. She is responsible for connecting with potential new clients and introducing them to Rubitek's fabulous products and services.

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60 Second Quiz

What is your dream job?

There are loads I'd like to try - from HGV driving to midwifery! I have a passion for seeing development in others too so perhaps I'd get pleasure teaching pregnant women how to drive the Alaskan ice roads (I feel like I’m cheating on Rubitek writing this)!

What would be your perfect weekend?

Following the World Rally Championship in Wales. I did this back in 2016 when I first got my 4x4. I had to ‘slam it’ (Somerset style, so it was lifted rather than lowered, snorkel, spot lights etc. etc.) to accommodate the rugged terrain and multiple river crossings.

I was going it alone with a team of Land Rover enthusiasts (AKA fools) and had never really done off-roading before, but I caught ‘mud fever’ and long to replicate those few days. Girls were banned from this lad’s trip, I only qualified due to owning a suitable vehicle. It wasn’t a Land Rover which raised some eyebrows, but I smashed the boys out of the park. Such a good feeling.

What is your number one pet hate?

People who can’t – or don’t want to, see a solution to their problems.

What three things would you take with you to a desert island?

Cheese, salami and my truck.

You are hosting a dinner party for 6 - who are the five other guests?

The fella (of course), Anthony Hopkins – I think he’s slightly bonkers, but I would get him to tell amazing stories so I could sit back and listen to his dulcet tones, Stephen Fry – for the intellect, Katherine Ryan – she’s hilarious and Joe Wilkinson – also hilarious.

What sums you up?

Impulsive, courageous and mad.

What attracted you to the role at Rubitek?

As I’ve mentioned before, I love to see people develop and think what Rubitek is doing through its software platform - supporting apprentices, employers and training providers to achieve the best outcomes - is incredibly worthwhile. I can also see a huge amount of progression and opportunity at Rubitek and I 'm looking forward to making it my forever home. And the final thing - it's not often you get to work alongside the founder and CEO of a business!

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