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Elevate Learning with Flight Path

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Discover the future of apprenticeship training with Rubitek's Flight Path™, delivering strategic insights, and personalised support for your learning programs.

  • Visualise learner success
  • Get proactive insights
  • Improve collaboration

Streamline Operations, Enhance Impact!

Revolutionise your internal operations with Rubitek, providing your staff with a powerful tool to streamline processes and elevate their impact on apprenticeship success.​


Efficient Resource Allocation

  • Through a comprehensive overview of learner progress, staff can allocate resources strategically, ensuring efficient operations and maximising their impact on learning.

Automated Reporting


  • Say goodbye to manual reporting tasks.  Rubitek automates reporting, saving your staff valuable time and ensuring accurate, up-to-date information is readily available for compliance, audits, and strategic decision-making.


Continuous Improvement

  • Identify areas for improvement, track the effectiveness of interventions, and continuously enhance your learning programs, with data-driven decision-making.

Transform Your Operations

Learning Journey Excellence

Provide a clear path through the learning journey for better engagement, ownership and accountability.
  • Enhance learner engagement

  • Identify timely interventions

  • Complete visibility

Flight Path transforms work-based learning programs, with interactive dashboards and real-time progress to connect learners with their educational goals.

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Strengthen Employer Relationships

Empower employers, foster stronger collaborations and align apprenticeships with their business goals.

Transparent Progress Tracking

Flight Path gives employers real-time visibility of apprentice progress.  Strengthen your relationships by sharing insights, showcasing achievements and develop a collaborative approach to apprentice success.

Efficient Communication


Streamline communication and share timely information, ensuring employers stay informed, engaged, and actively involved in supporting learners.

Data-Driven Decisions


Equip employers with the data they need.  Flight Path's comprehensive analytics enables employers to make informed decisions, align apprenticeships with business needs, and contribute to the overall success of their workforce.

Transform Your Operations

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