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Delivering Excellence

Rubitek apprentices, our teaching and support staff, and apprentice employers all have access to the Rubitek learning management platform.

This provides the insight and support to maximise apprenticeship success.

We simplify the learning journey.

Apprenticeships:  Coming Soon

We're excited to announce plans to deliver apprenticeships in the coming months.  Subscribe to our newsletter for details about when we we'll be able to offer this.

Our apprenticeship offer has been developed in line with the needs of employers and their employees within our areas of expertise. 


Our highly experienced team will analyse your needs and design and deliver a reobust, high quality apprenticeship standard that adds value to your organisation.

All employers and learners who do their training with us will have access to the Rubitek Learning Management Platform.


Looking to bolster your workforce with leaders who can navigate the complexities of high-volume manufacturing and advanced manufacturing processes?

Our Process Leader Level 4 Apprenticeship Standard is your solution, and it's designed to make your team thrive in the fast-paced world of assembly lines, chemical processing, metalwork, pharmaceuticals, and beyond.

When you invest in our apprenticeship, you're equipping your team with the skills and knowledge they need to become exceptional Process Leaders. With their newfound capabilities, they'll play a crucial role in propelling your organisation to new heights.

Here's why you should consider this apprenticeship for your employees:

🌟 Leadership Excellence: Our program hones leadership styles, enabling your team to inspire and manage their fellow colleagues effectively.

🌟 Decision-Making and Delegation: Your employees will master the art of decision-making, delegation, and taking ownership – essential qualities for effective leadership.

🌟 Technical Prowess: Your team will gain the expertise to provide technical and specialist guidance, raising the bar for your organization's performance.

🌟 Resource Optimisation: We'll teach them the skills needed to determine and manage budgets and resources, ensuring efficiency in your operations.

🌟 Continuous Improvement: By focusing on core production KPIs, your team will drive a cycle of continuous improvement that directly benefits your bottom line.

🌟 Safety and Environmental Stewardship: Your team will become experts at managing health, safety, and environmental concerns, protecting your employees and your organization's reputation.

🌟 Motivated Workforce: With a focus on motivation and self-esteem, your team will foster a workplace culture that encourages high performance.

🌟 Mentorship Skills: They will become mentors, actively participating in the growth and development of their colleagues.

🌟 Conflict Resolution Expertise: Your team will address conflicts, handle performance issues, and set KPIs, ensuring a smooth course for your organization.

🌟 Enhanced Collaboration: Forge strong cross-departmental collaborations, creating a production ecosystem that operates seamlessly and efficiently.

By investing in our Process Leader apprenticeship, you're ensuring that your organisation is in the hands of capable, skilled, and motivated leaders who will drive performance and foster collaboration across your departments.

What is the typical duration of an apprenticeship?

Durations vary by level and industry, typically ranging from 1 year to 5 years.

Who pays for apprenticeship training?

The employer pays for apprenticeship training, either through apprenticeship levy arrangements, or as a co-contributor, and gets help from the government towards the cost.

Depending on the age of the apprenticeship, the employer could also be entitled to some additional incentive payments.


What qualifications can an apprentice gain?

Apprentices can achieve nationally recognised qualifications equivalent to GCSEs, A-levels, up to a Bachelor's Degree:

Level 2 - Intermediate

Level 3 - Advanced

Level 4, 5 - Higher

Level 6, 7 - Degree


Are apprentices guaranteed a job at the end of the apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job with real employment, and many continue their employment after they achieve their qualification.


The qualification gained on completion enhances employability and earning potential.

Is the apprentice paid a salary?

Yes, apprentices work under a contract of employment and are entitled to a salary and other benefits.  Rates vary by employer, and by the age and experience of the apprentice.

Which apprenticeship is the right one?

There are almost 700 apprenticeships approved for delivery.  Apprentices should consider their interests, skills and career goals and seek advice from career counsellors or apprenticeship providers to find the best match.


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